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Axel The Pitbull

I found G&S Dog training when I adopted a pitbull puppy and was having a hard time getting control of him and my senior dog, and my family. I was talking to my friend Abby about it at my gym, and she told me about the dog trainer she hired for her new puppy. I got the info from her and reached out to George and Sarai!

Axel was barely 5 months old when we hired G&S. He is a pitbull and I have a senior puggle. I was struggling with getting him to be quiet in the mornings when I left for the gym, and my biggest struggle was to coexist with my senior dog who just simply isn’t crazy about being a big brother now lol.

Since working with G&S I have been able to successfully crate my dog at night, and when I leave the house. I am extra impressed with walking him and how he listens to commands and walks at my heel.

By far, my favorite takeaway from training is the spot command! I can tell him to go to his spot and he will, and then I can vacuum the house, mop the floors, run up and down the stairs to do laundry, and he stays put!

Now I look forward to monthly pack walks and telling everyone I know about my experience with G&S Dog Training.


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