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Mavis The Australian Shepherd

How do we even begin to show our appreciation and love for Sarai?! We found Mavis at the local shelter, but we were hesitant due to her listed problems: leash aggression, bites/nips children and adults, chews and destroys toys, furniture, and backyards, overly active and barks at everything, etc. We were also worried about how she would act with our cats (one of the cats had just been through a dog attack).

We went through about six consultations with various Las Vegas dog trainers and did not feel good or positive about anyone or any method that we found. Enter our Vet, Dr. Warren, and her recommendation for Sarai. I don’t think we were even halfway through our consultation with Sarai and we knew she would be the perfect fit for our family. Turns out Mavis was none of those bad traits the shelter put on her and she merely needed basic obedience and a little extra help with her separation anxiety, “leave it” and “place.”

With each session, Sarai worked Mavis and us and we saw Mavis become a more confident, laid back, and (when working) focused dog. But she still had all the spunk and personality in her! It really comes down to teaching us humans so that we can communicate with our dogs in a better way. And that’s the magic of it, Sarai is truly a dog (or people) whisperer.


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